Prophetic International Ministries has several ministries.

Inhouse Ministries: 

**First Touch Ministries-shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through excellence from the parking lot to the pew. This team has the opportunity to make a first impression on every individual that comes onto the church grounds. 

  1. Parking Attendants Ministry-greets members and visitors and ensures safety and orderly parking.
  2. Hospitality Ministry-greets members and visitors with heartfelt smile, handshake, and hug. They are open to the needs of people
  3. Ambassadors Ministry-greets worshipers and escorts them to their seats, distributes materials related to worship service, and gives direction in an orderly manner.     

**Men Ministry-Sharing with men the vision, purpose and call to be more disciplined men as husbands, fathers, brothers, mentors, and leaders in their homes and communities.

**Women MinistryEmbraces and shares the healing and love of Jesus to each woman that enters the doors of our ministry. Under the leadership of Lady Jacquelyn Luckett. This ministry expresses and possesses the ability to reach all women right where they are.

**Couples Ministry-Embraces and demonstrates unity in marriage by empowering couples to keep Christ as the center focus.

**Youth Ministry (A.K.A. LIGHT)-A created atmosphere of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Elevation for youth in our church and communities with the Word of Faith, Programs, and Resources to meet their needs.

**Children's Ministry-A created atmosphere for the "King's Kids to experience the love and excitement of Jesus and to learn about the King and His Kingdom. The curriculum is designed to bring out their God given Potential and Talent.

**Dance & Music Ministry-Expresses total love and true worship to our Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit in song, instruments, and dance.

**Intercessory Ministry-Elevates the ministry, the Body of Christ and the World with the Promises of God.

**Media Ministry-Exemplifies excellence and creativity in audio, video, and music.


                     ***Beyond The Wall Ministry-The ultimate outreach ministry that restores hope into the hearts, minds, and spirits of mankind. This ministry consists of street ministry and prison.(Mathew 25:35-36)


From The Heart Of Apostle Luckett

Every member who has resources to compliment the departments in the ministry must begin to step forward and bring the effectiveness of their ministry into full view. The ministry will have to develop faith, learn how faith comes, how faith grows, and how faith operates, and then share it with everyone they come into contact with. Each member is a very important part of this ministry, 1 Corinthians  12:14 says, "For the body is not one member, but many." God is depending on us to implement the plans and He will work it out step by step.

This is a ministry that operates at a level of excellence and that brings great honor, glory, and praise to Jesus Christ our Lord. It is a ministry that experiences phenomenal growth, debt freedom, financial security and stability.





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